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The Role of Twitter in Education….

I am very curious about the ways in which educators are using Twitter as a communication tool… How ARE you using it? What types of messages are tweeted? And are followers able to respond or just follow and retweet? It is a little easier to grasp how I can make Twitter a valuable part of my PLN and bring information TO me than to think about the best way I can harness its features for the benefit of those in our learning community. I would love to hear how others are using it!!!


I have initiated this blog as a way to engage in conversations with others with an interest in Education Technology.  It is a very exciting time to be deeply involved with technology, but  it can also feel a bit like the Wild West!  Flipped learning, BYOD, Personal Learning Networks, mobile devices, e-books, and digital citizenship are just some of the things that occupy my thoughts. 

What should be our priorities? 

How do we engage busy teachers and administrators in the use of technology that will have meaning for them? 

How do ensure that students have access to appropriate technology and use it in challenging ways to move forward with their learning?

How do we ensure that the focus is on instruction and HOW children learn?

I look forward to talking with others about these issues!