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Discussions are related to cyber-safety or digital citizenship for students or families.

Skype as a Tool for Promoting 21st Century Thinking

As teachers, we strive to provide experiences that foster Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Creativity for our students.  Mystery Skype provides an opportunity for students to engage in authentic learning experiences.  Students can explore many different roles as they work with others to locate, understand, and communicate information.  To learn more about Mystery Skype, visit the resources below or go to:

Scholastic: Excellent overview of Mystery Skype (Must paste link into browser)

How to Set Up a Mystery Skype

Mrs. Morgan’s Skype Etiquette:

Skype Roles

So You Want to do Mystery Skype?

Skype Lessons

Happy Learning!


Digital Citizenship Week

Last week was Digital Citizenship week.  In an age where children have nearly ubiquitous access to technology, understanding and practicing good digital citizenship is more important than ever!  Here are some resources that were posted last week.

Three Ways to Weave Digital Citizenship Into Your Curriculum

A New Twist on Cyberbullying- Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Survival Kit

Edutopia – Six resources for Digital Citizenship

Inforgraphic – Citizenship in the Digital Age