Interesting Technology Resources to Explore

It is important to explore new tools that can be integrated into the curriculum to enhance instruction and enrich learning for students.  The goal is always the purposeful use of technology!  At a recent tech committee meeting, members explored the following innovative tools/technology practices. We tried many of the tools and considered which might be appropriate for instruction in our content areas/subject matter.  As a bonus, members were awarded badges for all resources they explored!  Check out these great tools and determine which might work best in your classroom.

IGNITE – Present with Pizzazz!

IGNITE presentations provide an alternative to traditional presentations and really encourage students to become facile with their content rather than reading from a slide.  They are great for ANY content area.  Watch these videos and learn how IGNITE presentations can be used to share your stories and learning.

What is an IGNITE?
Edutopia IGNITE Article  

Watch this video about Ignite: What is an Ignite?

Bringing Content to Life with Multi-Media Presentations

Using Video in the Classroom

Digital Story-Telling 


Consider – How would you leverage multi-media tools to improve teaching and learning?

Skype in the Classroom – Exciting new ways to connect globally!

Explore the Skype Tools to learn how Skype can be used to enrich instruction.

Visit the Skype Home Page: Consider 3 literacy activities that are available at Education Skype

Visit Skype lessons

Read the introduction to Big Question Challenge

Visit Mystery Skype- How It Works

Click to on “See Mystery Skype in Action” to watch a brief video.  Scroll down and read about Mystery Skype.

Augmented Reality –  Learning with Virtual Environments

Augmented Reality is an exciting technology that allows kids to learn through exploration of virtual worlds.  Check out the resources below and consider how Augmented Reality might fit in your classroom!

Visit:  DAQRI

Teaching with Aurasma

Two Guys and an iPad

Worksheets for the Digital Age

Using Videos in Science

How could Augmented Reality be used to enrich content and engage students in learning?


Selecting appropriate Apps poses a significant challenge for educators.  Check out the resources below to learn more about App evaluation.

Content App Evaluation Form (Kathy Schrock)

Creation App Evaluation Form (Kathy Schrock)

Student APP Review Rubric (Kathy Schrock)

Still not satisfied?  Check out other IPad APP Evaluation Rubrics recommended by Kathy Schrock:



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