Creating an environment for innovation and creativity

I have been thinking a lot about the need to creative a learning environment that inspires innovation and creativity for all learners.  Despite the strong emphasis on standards and testing, i believe there is a need to focus our attention on helping students to acquire the skills they will need to navigate life in a time of constant change and accelerating innovations.  Here are some interesting resources I have been looking at as i think about this topic:

Creating Innovators – Blog Post by Tony Wagner:

Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk: Educations ‘Death Valley’

Teach Thought – Excellent resources for all!:

Ted Talk: How Cognitive Surplus will Change the World:

IMPACT of Educational Leaders:

Digital Curricula Evolving:

Blog Post: what role should grades play in school? me

Educating for innovation

Inquiry based Learning – CybraryMan:

Going Global – Tips for Global Collaboration

Project-Based Learning Video: 

100 Uses for twitter in education (see Classroom- #s 38-54; 92-100)

Five Year Olds Pilot their own Learning:

8 Ways Kindergarten Holds the Key to 21st Century Instruction:

Twittering about Learning – using Twitter in an Elementary Classroom:

Projects vs. Project-Based Learning:

Flipping the Classroom:

Project-based Learning (break these out)

Blended Learning Infographic:

Arne Duncan – Empowering Learners in the 21st Century:

Edutopia – Schools that Work:

Virtual Learning in the Early Years:

The Journal – Parents and Students Want More Online Learning:

Digital Citizenship:

Digital trends Shifting the Role of Teachers:

Schooling Shake-Up in the UK:

Technology Trends

-12 Education Technology Trends to Watch:

The Digital Life of Teens: Mobile is Now:

Virtual Learning in the Early Years:

Creating Virtual Libraries:

Cracking the Code:

Scholastic – mobile Learning Technologies for 21st Century Classrooms:

Raspberry Pi: 

CybraryMan’s Google Docs:

Social Media for Schools:

Game-Based Learning:

KinderKids Blog:

Creating Info-graphics with Google tools:

Augmented Reality – Cybrary Man:


You Tube & Digital Citizenship:


Virtual Desktops: 

Virtual desktops (technical): 

Changing PD

20 ways to Make Professional Development More Effective:

Flip your Faculty Meetings- The Tempered Radical:

How Flipped PD Stacks Up:

PLNS: (break out resources)

Speed Geek Your faculty Meetings:

100 Uses for Twitter in Education (see Classroom- #s 55 – 91)


Creating a Physical Environment for Innovative Learning

Designing the 21st

Century K-12 Classroom:

Redesigning for the 21st Century Classroom:

20 things Educators Need to Know About Learning Spaces:

Sprout Space:

EDU 2.0 Furnishings:

Transforming Classrooms into 21st century Work Spaces:

Architecture for Education, Inc:

Furnishings that promote Learning – Smith Systems:

Furniture that Makes the Grade:

21st Century Furnishings:

Evolving Classrooms for 21st Century Learning:

Habits and Habitats – Rethinking Learning Spaces for the 21st Century:

Herman Miller:


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